USD to VND – US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong Exchange Rate

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USD to VND currency converter is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily convert USD into Vietnamese Dong. It offers live exchange rates for most traded countries, including the US Dollar-to-Vietnamese Dong conversion rate. To find out more about USD to VND conversions or how much it costs in USD, read on!

US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong Conversion

The conversion rate between USD to VND is always fluctuating and is affected by a number of different factors. The most important of these are the political and economic stability of each country, as well as global market conditions. Generally, when USD is strong against other global currencies, the conversion rate for USD to VND will be higher; conversely, when USD weakens, the exchange rate falls.

Since 2012 there has been a general downward trend in USD to VND.

USD to VND Rate of Exchange

As well as providing an easy way to calculate prices from USD into Vietnamese Dong before a trip abroad, our free online rate calculator also provides historical charts so you can see how the currencies have changed over time. You can use this information when doing your own financial planning – just one click away with Currency our free service!

Forex Trading USD to VND

If you intend to trade the currency pair of USD to VND then you need to be aware of the events and news that could affect the exchange rate. USD is considered a ‘safe haven’ currency during times of global uncertainty, so when markets are volatile VND can weaken as investors move their money into USD. The Euro is another safe haven currency, as is USD to GBP.

The Vietnamese Dong is issued by the State Bank of Vietnam since 1978.

Visiting Vietnam on USD

When travelling in Vietnam it’s possible to use US dollars for most transactions; although street vendors may not have change available, they will often round up prices to make it easier for you. The Vietnamese Dong is also accepted in some tourist areas – just be sure to have small denominations as many places won’t be able to give change for larger notes.

The highest ever recorded USD/VND exchange rate was 23,675 back in January 1998.