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If you’re traveling to Mexico and need to know how much things will cost, make sure you check US Dollar exchange rates. This US Dollar to Mexican Peso converter can be used for both online shopping and travel planning. The US Dollar is the most traded currency in the world, making $ a very important currency in global trade. The USA has had an interesting history with foreign currencies so far.

The Mexican Peso is the currency in and named after Mexico, hence also known as Pesos Mexicanos or simply Pesos (ISO code: MXN). It’s a fiat money whose value is pegged at about $20 US Dollars per one Mexican Peso with some fluctuations allowed to meet economic needs. The Mexican Economy has grown tenfold since 1982 when it was changed from an fixed exchange rate system where many currencies were exchanged at set rates for all imports and exports to free market economics. In 1994 there was even speculation that this single change helped cause much of their recent success story by abandoning US Dollar peg policies which had been preferred up until then due to US Dollars’ status as reserve USD.

Made up of 100 centavos, the MXN is worth more than many other currencies in the region.

USD to MXN Conversion Examples

Our currency calculator can offer us a way of checking exchange rates between US Dollars and Mexican Peso, or any other currency pair you might be interested in for that matter. It will give us an idea of where it is at present, which may help if we are planning on converting our money into another type of currency sometime soon by using this tool.

In 2015, the US Dollar had reached its highest level against the Mexican Peso since December 2014 as traders were worried about potential risks related with Trump being elected president after he was called out for his trade policies.

Most Traded Countries for Mexico

The most traded countries for USD MXN include Mexico, United States (USA), Canada and Brazil respectively accounting for approximately 16% 12% 11% 13%.

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