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It is important to know the US Dollar to South Korean Won exchange rates, so you can plan your next trip abroad. The US Dollar (USD) is the currency of United States and its territories per international convention. One US Dollar equals one hundred cents. South Korean Won or KRW are the currency of South Korea, with one KRW being equivalent to 100 Chon.

The USD to KRW conversion rate changes constantly as currencies fluctuate in value against each other. You should always check here for USD to KRW before traveling because it may change by the time you arrive at your destination!

American Dollars $ to South Korean Won ₩ Exchange Rates

The USD to KRW currency conversion is mostly driven by the MasterCard and Visa networks. These two companies account for multiple transactions within their system, so when you make a transaction with your American credit card in South Korea, it will be converted into Korean Won at the time of purchase. The US Dollar to KRW exchange rate has spiked on occasions such as during global financial crises or after natural disasters that have affected both economies heavily. One example was back in 2008-2009 when the US went through its worst economic recession since 1929.

USD$ to KRW ₩ South Korean Won

The South Korean Won, is also know as The Korean Republic Won was originally pegged to the US Dollar, but in 1962 switched over to a fixed rate of ₩360 per us dollar. In 1997, this changed again with South Korea fixing its exchange rates against the United States at approximately ₩ 1000= $0.0078

South Korean Won: KRW

The currency code for the South Korean Won is KRW and it’s symbol on international markets is KRW or KC. The currency abbreviation from Hong Kong Dollars are HKD while the Taiwan Dollar uses TWD as their abbreviations so be sure to know these differences when converting currencies.

The best way to get USD to KRW Exchange Rates is on the FOREX market.

The Central Bank of Korea sets an Interbank call rate every day at noon taking into account the supply-demand balance in foreign exchange markets and international financial conditions. This rate leads to an official usd krw conversion rate when you buy or sell us dollars as compared to South Korean won through banks or money changers.

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