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The US Dollar to British Pound Sterling exchange rate is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. We explore how much a US Dollar is worth as compared to a British Pound Sterling and what are the factors that affect these rates. We’ll also explore some of the history behind us dollars and pounds sterling – have they ever swapped places?

Historically the US Dollar has been worth more than the British Pound Sterling and this tendency first emerged as far back as 1791 when the French Revolution devalued France’s currency – the Franc.

The first British Pound was worth $40.00 and that value remained the same for a long time but by 1834 when gold was first discovered in Australia, it led to an increase in US Dollars relative to British Pounds Sterling which had been pegged at $20.67 per pound up until this point.

The major factor influencing US Dollar exchange rates is global supply and demand. There are more US Dollars than there are currencies like the Canadian Dollar so its USD to CAD currency pair will always be undervalued as compared to GBP to USD or any other pairing with fewer units of US money available.

Although part of the European Union for some time, Britain never agreed to having Euros as it’s currency. Now since Brexit, the currency value of the British Pound and likewise the US Dollar has seen much volatility.

This decision has had profound effects throughout Europe and beyond; one being that there is now speculation over which currency will be used for international trade between Britain and other countries.

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This currency converter shows the conversion rates between US Dollars and British Pounds. The USD/GBP exchange rate is one of the most traded currencies globally with numerous countries trading their national fiat money.

When travelling between American and the UK, it’s always a good idea to check on the currency rates being offered by your local bank, post office or bureau de change.