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If you’re looking to convert US Dollars to Barbadian Dollars, then the currency converter on this page will help. This USD to BBD calculator provides a lot of information about current USD exchange rates from USD to Barbados BBD. You can see what’s happening with the most traded countries between US Dollar and Barbados dollar, as well as historical data for converting American Dollars into Barbadian Dollars.

USD to BBD Barbadian Dollar Rate

The current USD to BBD exchange rate is fluctuating around USD$1.00 per BBD$2.00 Barbadian Dollar. This is the average rate of conversion and is changing on a daily basis. The high for exchanging US Dollars into Barbadian Dollars was reached on November 25th, 2019, when one USD could purchase $0.51 BBD. Conversely, the low for converting American currency into Barbadian money happened on March 14th, 2020 when you could get only $0.48 BBD per USD.

What Affects Exchange Rates in Barbados?

There are many factors that go into determining a country’s exchange rate with another currency. Political stability, inflation rates, natural resources and trade deficits/surpluses all play a role in how much one currency trades against another.

With Barbados recently declaring itself as the World’s Newest Republic, breaking away from Britain – this has seen it’s currency strengthen, especially amongst other Caribbean regional currencies.

USD to BBD Conversion

This is a free currency calculator from usd to bbd conversion and the latest exchange rates between United States Dollar (USD) and Barbados Dollars (BBD) including currency converter.

This tool allows you to instantly get accurate foreign exchange rate for any amount of money in Barbados Dollars or US Dollars with different currencies including:













Visiting Barbados – Latest Barbadian Dollar Exchange Rates

If you are taking a holiday or business trip to the Caribbean Island of Barbados, you will need to monitor the exchange rates and become familiar with the local pricing. The USD to BBD rate is a fairly simple one, as compared to others, like Colombian Dollars. The

USD to BBD rate is currently at a comfortable rate as of this writing, making it an opportune time for US citizens looking to purchase Barbadian Dollars (BBD).

The Barbados Dollar – BBD

The currency in Barbados is the Barbados Dollar (ISO 4217 code: BBD). The ISO 4217 codes are three-letter alphabetic codes that represent currencies. Currencies can be designated using one of these codes, which makes international transactions easier.

One US dollar will get you approximately two Barbadian dollars on the ground, but be sure to check with your hotel or local business establishment, as they may have slightly different rates and/or discounts available. Most establishments do accept American Dollars and Euros as well.