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The United Arab Emirates Dirham is the Official Currency of the UAE and is abbreviated as AED. The name “dirham” comes from a weight unit that was once used in trade across North Africa, Syria, and East Arabia. It has been subdivided into 1000 fils since 1973 when it replaced the Gulf Rupee following independence from Britain. You can use the Currency Calculator to calculate the conversion rate from USD to AED.

The US Dollar to United Arab Emirates Dirham exchange rate is historically volatile and it has tended to follow the fluctuations in oil prices. The best USD to AED conversion rates are obtained when US Dollars are exchanged at banks or through money changers which operate all over Dubai Airport. Peak United Arab Emirates Dirham exchange rates occurred shortly after independence from Britain in 1973 and again around the time of the Gulf War of 1990/1991.

Trading volumes of USD to AED are the most pronounced in the USA but are also significant on a global scale. The US Dollar to United Arab Emirates Dirham exchange rate has followed US interest rates and oil prices quite closely over the last few decades with movements primarily driven by these two variables.

Shortly after independence, one US$ = AED 0.50; at this time it was equivalent to about three times what it costs today, making imports such as commodities and luxury goods very expensive for UAE citizens who were reliant on imported foodstuffs and clothing. Now the bulk of imports are high-tech goods, machinery and business related services.

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