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The Omani Rial is the currency of Oman. The Omani can be subdivided into 1000 baisa. Some countries that trade with Omani Rial are India, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran among others.

You may have noticed that the Omani’s OMR value in USD has been increasing over time; this is due to global market forces such as supply and demand for oil which make up most of Oman’s exports along with other factors like high interest rates on loans from abroad or low coffee production in Brazil which drives up prices internationally.

The Omani is a relatively stable currency, and the Omani government has been taking steps to keep it healthy by spending more on infrastructure projects such as roads.

Oman’s foreign exchange reserves are over 60% of its GDP which makes it one of the most liquid currencies in the world.

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Oman has a long history with trading currencies and this is why it’s important for them to work hard in order to keep their exchange rate competitive.

The Omani Rial was pegged at an artificially high level of $0.30 per Omah due to oil revenues, but they have since been allowed free-float which made Oman less dependent on external factors such as commodity prices like other Middle Eastern countries who rely heavily on exporting commodities like crude petroleum and natural gas.

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