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Currency exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and you need to know how much one currency is worth in another. The KYD to USD conversion rate is calculated by finding out what the KYD would be worth if it were traded for a $100 US Dollar or for any amount you would like to convert.

History of KYD to USD Conversion Rates

We can see that there have been times where 1 KYD was worth more than 1 USD, but today’s KYD exchange rate is a lot less USD per KYD. This means that $1 US Dollars can buy hundreds of KYD on today’s market!

Today’s most traded currencies between Cayman Islands Dollar is as follows:

  • Canadian Dollars – The next closest being Canadian dollars with approximately one fifth.
  • Japanese Yen – approximately 10% with trade between Japan and the Cayman Islands
  • British Pound – 10% with trade between the UK and Cayman Islands
  • Australian Dollars – approximately one in eight trades accounted for AUD currency against KYD.

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KYD to USD Exchange Rates

When you compare KYD to US Dollar conversion rates, the US Dollar is typically far more popular.

In recent years, KYD traded against USD at a rate of $0.8738 per Kyde for every one US dollar worth in exchange rate.

For this period on average you would need €1179 EUR (Euro) or £1208 GBP (British Pound Sterling) to purchase the same amount of KYDs required by an American with their currency – United States Dollars.

History Of Currency Exchange Rates Between KYD And USD

The Cayman Islands Dollar has been around since 1982 when it replaced its former currency called British West Indies dollars which was used prior to 1973. In 1983 they switched to Cayman Island Dollar, also known as CI$. It

is the official currency of Cayman Islands.

Their Kyde (the symbol for their pound) has been pegged to USD since 1976 in order to ensure stability and prevent inflation from creeping up during this period. This means that kyd will always trade against US dollars at a rate of CI$0.8738 per kyde for every one US dollar worth in exchange rates, which helps maintain its value while other currencies can fluctuate with changes in economic conditions such as interest rates or oil prices.

With conversion history between these two countries you see how they have maintained stable trading partners for many years now, because economies are often intertwined be it through imports/exports or direct investments by both parties involved .

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