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Jordanian Dinar to US Dollar exchange rates are displayed live on this page. The Jordanian Dinar is the currency of Jordan, and it’s symbol is JOD. The US Dollar can be abbreviated as USD or US$.

How much does 1 Jordanian Dinar cost in USD?

This question has a lot of factors that determine its answer. For example, if you buy Jordanian Dinars at an ATM for cash, then the price will be different than if you purchase Jordanian Dinars from someone who sells them at a Jordanian market or bazaar. We also have to take into account what kind of Jordanians Dinares we are talking about: banknotes (paper money), coins or Jordanian Dinars from the Jordanian government.

Currency exchange rates don’t change a massive amount very often and usually only when there is a big news event.

Jordanian Dinar to US Dollar Currency Conversion

The currency converter on this page updates automatically for live accuracy and converts Jordanian Dinars to American Dollars $.

You can also use it to convert Jordan Dinars into other currencies like Euros (EUR), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) or Canadian Dollars (CAD).

History of the Jordanian Dinar

The Jordanian dinar is the currency of Jordan. Jordanian Dinars replaced the old Jordans in 1992 and has been used since then as a symbol for Jordanian independence.

Jordan’s economy began to grow after King Abdullah’s reforms which led to an upgrade from emerging market status to developed market in 2006 with their GDP per capita reaching US$14,700 (official exchange rate).

Each JOD is divided into 10 Dirhams. It can also be divided into 1000 Fils.

There are coins worth Jordanian Dinars and Jordanian Dirhams in circulation for use as currency, which have been minted since 2007 to replace the dinar coinage of previous years that was used until then.

When visiting Jordan, there any many options where you can obtain JOD, including exchanging money at the airport, exchanging Jordanian dinars for US dollars or Euros from any commercial bank in Jordan and withdrawing cash from an ATM.

The Jordanian Dinar has been pegged to a basket of currencies including the Euro since October 2005 with an exchange rate set on a monthly basis by Jordan’s Central Bank to maintain its value against other major currencies.

JOD to USD Currency Converter

Jordan is home to many man-made structures dating back thousands of years such as the Temple Mount, which was constructed over 3000 BC by King Solomon; The Petra Amphitheatre built during Roman times that can hold up to 20,000 people, and remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.

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